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So why choose us?


Well, as mentioned elsewhere, we’re a friendly, inclusive, community club, offering playing opportunities for volleyballers of all standards and the chance to play for one of our seven competitive teams.


However, before you start shelling out your hard-earned cash on a membership, you probably want to know a bit more about what that membership pays for, so here goes.

  • Within the club, we have six Level 2 coaches and a further two Level 1 (assistant) coaches. This means you benefit from a high quality of coaching, whatever your level, and there is always a qualified coach on hand to take training sessions – plus, each squad has their own, dedicated coach.

  • We have five qualified, registered referees, three of whom currently referee in the National Volleyball League. This means that our home matches are officiated to a consistently high level – and although we will ask all members to do their share of line judging and scoring, and train you to do both, you won’t be pushed into climbing up onto the stand to take charge of a match.

  • We are a Volleyball England-accredited club, meaning that we have in place all the procedures and processes (regarding issues such as insurance, child protection, CRB checks and club governance) required by our governing body, Volleyball England.

  • Playing kit is provided free of charge to all full members, meaning that as long you’re paying your fees, you’ll have a set of kit to treat as your own.

  • We provide ten hours of volleyball per week (two hours for regional men only, two for regional women, two each for the NVL squads and two mixed). Even when league match commitments take the place of the two hours of mixed training, a typical adult regional member would still get, on average, at least eight hours of training per month plus a couple of matches, making £25 look incredibly reasonable.

  • There are no match fees, extra training fees or other hidden costs – the fee you pay is all you pay.

  • If you want to become a qualified coach, referee or develop other volunteering skills further, then we will support you to do so – and if you pledge to put some of your new skills into practise at the club, we’ll pay the cost of the relevant courses too.

  • We ensure that we are in constant contact with our membership via this website, whatsapp groups, email and SPond as well as our social channels.

  • We also regularly review and apply for grants from Sport England, Sportivate and Tamworth Council. This means we are in a position to keep investing in our coaches, referees, equipment, kit, merchandise, communications, community outreach programmes and – most importantly – our junior development programme. However, all such money is used solely for investment purposes. We never look to profit unduly from our membership revenues; merely to cover the (significant) operational costs of all the points above.


We’ll be honest – you will find cheaper volleyball club memberships than ours. However, when you consider all the points above – and how important they are to the proper running of a serious volleyball club – we hope you’ll agree that it represents excellent value for money. You can find a full run down of membership options on our Pricing page.

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