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Spartans Hall of Fame

Ian Wall

Ian is the person who has been arguably the single most important factor in Tamworth Spartans getting to the place it is now. Ian founded the club in 1982 and has been, ever since, Mr Tamworth Volleyball Club. He has been Ian the player, the coach, the chairman and the referee and he has never give less than 100%.
Current chair Simon Griffiths said: "You never really own this club, we are all merely stewards of it, passing the baton down the line to the next generation, and I was lucky enough to inherit the legacy of Ian’s hard work in the first 30 years when it became my turn. For this, we are all immensely grateful to him for the time, hard work and effort he and others put in to create this club.”
Ian was inducted in 2017 to mark the club's 25th anniversary.

Ivana Gemzova

Ivana is the first Spartan to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Recognised in 2016, to commemorate ten years of playing service to the club, Ivana has been credited with single-handedly raising the standard of women's play at Tamworth. Unmistakably a club legend, words of encouragement from Ivana have been known to do more in a training session than anything the coach can say. She has scooped five regional player of the year awards, and the first ever NVL player of the year during those ten years - far more than any other player in the club's history. She is a true legend.
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